If you are active or participate in a sport, whether it be recreational or competitive,

you are an athlete.


Are you:

  • training for a specific event (running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, lifting, hiking, multi-sport, team sports)?

  • are you a weekend warrior that is hitting it hard in sport from sun-up to sun-down?

  • looking to improve performance and/or reduce injury in your sport?

  • are you trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon? New York Marathon?

  • are you a high school or college athlete looking for performance improvement?

  • are you a high school or college coach looking for ways to help your athletes train hard, recover fully and perform their best?

Sports Nutrition coaching

Optimize your training with a custom fueling and hydration program to meet the demands of your sport.

Your session beings with a nutrition assessment taking into account your health history (including recent labs, medications, stress level, sleep patterns), training schedule, current eating patterns, nutrient intake and performance goals. Based on this information, we’ll work together to establish your sports nutrition action plan. A custom fueling and hydration program will be provided with individualized energy recommendations to support training and competition, hydration needs, pre-work-out, during and post-work-out nutrition requirements, recovery nutrition, and vitamin & mineral supplementation needs.

Depending on your needs, your sports nutrition program may also include a plan for nutrition while traveling for sport, nutrition for the off-season or nutrition for injury recovery.

In follow-up sessions, we’ll evaluate progress on goals, making sure you continue to have the tools you need for success and revise your program as training and nutrition needs change. We’ll identify any barriers to success and celebrate achievements along the way!