1:1 Nutrition Counseling

Wondering if you might benefit from working with a Registered Dietitian nutritionist?

Do you:

  • need help managing your blood sugar or other chronic conditions with diet and lifestyle choices?

  • need help selecting the best food pattern for improving your cholesterol levels or your blood pressure?

  • have digestive problems?

  • need help managing food sensitivities or allergies?

  • plan to have major surgery and want to know the best foods to eat before and after to support recovery and healing?

  • need guidance for optimizing your health without dieting?

  • need a nutrition “check-up” to make sure you are meeting your individual nutrition needs?

  • need help on planning healthy balanced meals for you and your family?

  • want guidance on adopting health promoting behaviors to look and feel your best?

What to expect in 1:1 Nutrition Counseling sessions:

First, we’ll see where you are, then map out where you are going and how best to get there. Your session includes a nutrition assessment taking into account your medical history, recent labs, medications, supplements, current eating patterns and nutrient intake, physical activity routine, sleep patterns, stress levels, food shopping and preparation habits, support system, as well as your values as they relate to diet and health. Based on your needs, we will work together to establish an action plan for reaching your goals, complete with individualized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and relevant nutrition education. Printed materials will be provided to support your goals.

In follow-up sessions, we’ll evaluate progress on goals, making sure you continue to have the tools needed for success and revising your plan as nutrition needs change. We’ll identify any barriers to success and celebrate achievements along the way!